It can be a shock when you realize how much a holiday will cost you, as well as putting your dog somewhere safe. We are at the very low end price wise, (I made my billions in the 70’s when I invented the Question mark?). Look at it this way, a day is £2 an hour, a full day/night is £1.50 an hour. Try getting a baby sitter for that, who won’t empty your beer fridge. From this September we are aligning prices to what you see on the website, my mum is upset with me, my friends are livid, but it’s only fair. We will keep prices low and have no intention of increase this year, but if Salt n Vinegar Pringles are £9 a can……then we will revisit. Please remember we are licensed, insured, dog walks included and we need a new sofa each month, due to Bruno (we don’t talk about Bruno) (if we ever get a dog really called Bruno I’ll change this joke). Prices will be going up a little soon (£5) for new bookings, sorry, but hair transplants are still super expensive, and nobody’s dog moults the same George Clooney salt and pepper I have.