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Can I drop off / Pick up at anytime

When you place your booking we try to be accommodating, however, our opening hours and prices are 8am-6pm. Pick up after an overnight stay is 8:45 to avoid being charged for an extra day. We might not be in if you arrive late or early, due to dog walks and trips to Waitrose because we want pancakes and don’t have any eggs . Ask at time of booking for anything outside of our working day .

Do we take Puppies

Yes, from 4 months, as long as they are fully vaccinated, wormed/flea treated and socialised with other dogs. We would prefer them to be fully house trained, but understand accidents happen. For there safety we are not able to take Chew monsters . There is an addition £5 charge per session for puppies (need more attention)

Reverse Sneezing

Just an FYI if your dog suffers from this, put a finger over one nostril (The dogs not yours) works like magic for all cases we have seen.

What do i need to bring with them?

Food, we can supply at cost, but normally just bring enough for their stay, Its better they have there regular food (for our carpets), you can bring a bed, toys, but i don’t think any have used their own bed yet 🙂 so don’t worry. We have enough leads, collars, and harness’s to open a shop. If you prefer they stick to say a slip lead, as you are training, that’s fine. We tend to use our own equipment, for ease.

Why so Cheap/Expensive

It can be a shock when you realize how much a holiday will cost you, as well as putting your dog somewhere safe. We are at the very low end price wise, (I made my billions in the 70’s when I invented the Question mark?). Look at it this way, a day is £2 an hour, a full day/night is £1.50 an hour. Try getting a baby sitter for that, who won’t empty your beer fridge. From this September we are aligning prices to what you see on the website, my mum is upset with me, my friends are livid, but it’s only fair. We will keep prices low and have no intention of increase this year, but if Salt n Vinegar Pringles are £9 a can……then we will revisit. Please remember we are licensed, insured, dog walks included and we need a new sofa each month, due to Bruno (we don’t talk about Bruno) (if we ever get a dog really called Bruno I’ll change this joke). Prices will be going up a little soon (£5) for new bookings, sorry, but hair transplants are still super expensive, and nobody’s dog moults the same George Clooney salt and pepper I have.

its B$)$£(% Hot

We do not walk dogs in the midday sun, we will take out early morning and evening. They have access to garden if they want to let off steam. Water and ice cubes are always accessible, we also have cool mats and frozen toys and a quite literal chill out room.

Fleas & Ticks

As the weather gets warmer, these little critters are on the rise, Please ensure you are always up to date with treatment.

My Dog is very nervous

The first hour will be a bit of a strain for them I’m sure, but they will soon relax. Every guest will be treated appropriately, from the bounding, chewing, peeing and slobbering to the quiet and anxious. We do insist on a trial (half day), for all new dogs.

How big is the kennel

We don’t have kennels, your dog will stay in the house, if they want to sleep in the living room, or on their own bed or even ours all is fine they choose, Most popular location is on bedroom floor. We have a large garden, they have access to all day too.


We are registered with several vets in the area, including a mobile vet. we will have your own vets details as well, we will also administer any medicine you provide should that be needed.

Can i get updates?

Yes, we can send photos or video. you can call and say good night if you like.

Will you be looking after just my dog ?

Maybe, hopefully not 🙂 we will never have more than 5 or 6 Dogs in our care at the same time, and even that is just in emergencies. Should there be any “tension” between dogs, we will try and socialise safely, if that doesn’t work they will be kept safe and separate. We will always feed separately.

Im running late !!

No worries, drive safely, Stuff happens. its your dog you are letting down, you have to face them and deal with the guilt.

Are you licensed?

Yes! HB074 A lovely lady from Wokingham council spent an afternoon with us, and a few weeks later awarded a 4 star (highest you can get in your first year), we added a second gate to garden and ordered a massive tub of ridiculously expensive cleaning fluid for dog related germs, every thing else was thumbs up. there are a number of forms you will have to fill in but we will make this as hassle free as possible.

My dog needs more or less exercise

Its up to you, logistically we cant do 5 hours mountain running, but we can throw a ball a very long way, and walk multiple times. We also can provide live GPS tracking of your dog, inc step count and activity.

I don’t want my dog on the sofa

Boo, thats mean, but of course we will follow any rules you would like us to.

My Dog is Massive!!

We can take any sized dog, Great Dane, St Bernard, Super fat Labrador. We have had a Great Dane and Malamutes as family pets in the past.



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