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License HB074

Day £25 (+£15 Bank Holidays)
Day and Night (24 hours) £40 (+£15 Bank Holidays)


We would love to take care of your doggo.

Based in Wargrave, Berkshire, we offer a home from home , for your loved ones  (dogs not grandma sorry).

When you drop them off, and go on holiday or to work or having the bathroom redone after the tap was left on, (even though no one admits to it), we will welcome them with open arms like we do the Domino’s delivery guy.

Our boarding means the dogs live in the house, as though they are our own, not in a kennel  (even though there are some amazing  kennels out there!)  They can sleep on the sofa, or a bed, or in a crate if that suits them, we generally don’t allow them to choose what we watch on TV, but they do get a vote.  Unless they have a note from their hooman, we exercise them at least twice a day.

It goes without saying (hopefully) they are fed watered as per your instructions, and of course cuddles and oodles of love are  free!

Day time


10 hours

At least 2 walks

Bank Holidays + £15



24 hours

Just let us know if you just want overnight care

Bank Holidays + £15

Feed /Visit


    per visit


Feed and water

Well being check

Mad hour


one off

Woodland run and explore, off lead, for those dogs with excellent recall.  

GPS Activity record

Alternatively, just a visit with play and exercise in your garden whilst you are away

Dog Boarding


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