We don’t have kennels, your dog will stay in the house, if they want to sleep in the living room, or on their own bed or even ours all is fine they choose, Most popular location is on bedroom floor. We have a large garden, they have access to all day too.


We are registered with several vets in the area, including a mobile vet. we will have your own vets details as well, we will also administer any medicine you provide should that be needed.

Yes, we can send photos or video. you can call and say good night if you like.

Maybe, hopefully not 🙂 we will never have more than 5 or 6 Dogs in our care at the same time, and even that is just in emergencies. Should there be any “tension” between dogs, we will try and socialise safely, if that doesn’t work they will be kept safe and separate. We will always feed separately.

Yes! HB074 A lovely lady from Wokingham council spent an afternoon with us, and a few weeks later awarded a 4 star (highest you can get in your first year), we added a second gate to garden and ordered a massive tub of ridiculously expensive cleaning fluid for dog related germs, every thing else was thumbs up. there are a number of forms you will have to fill in but we will make this as hassle free as possible.